200 Detained After Blacks Riot at the Hague

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2015

Mitch Henriquez was a good boy who didn't do nothing.
Mitch Henriquez was a good boy who didn’t do nothing.

For decades, we Americans have been lectured by Europeans over our alleged poor treatment of the Negro people. Even Hitler attacked us over this.

So part of me is glad to see that Europeans are now learning why we put restrictions on these people. But part of me feels for their plight.

The future of the planet earth is Detroit.


Police in the Netherlands have detained about 200 people in The Hague after rioting in a mainly immigrant area of the city.

It was the fourth night of unrest in Schilderswijk, triggered by the death of a Caribbean man in police custody.

Police say most of those detained were teenagers, who were given a fine before being released.

A night-time curfew was imposed, but protesters threw stones and fireworks at police.

Mitch Henriquez, 42, from the island of Aruba, died in police custody last Sunday.

He had been arrested at a music festival and amateur video footage showed several police officers restraining him before his limp body was put into a police van.

Reports claim that he had his hands up and was begging not to be murdered. Also, he was yelling “I can’t breathe” and chanting “#BlackLivesMatter.”


Hey Mitch, you know where White people wouldn’t have murdered you for no reason?

In your home country of Aruba. There, you could have been murdered by other Blacks or perhaps natives of some sort.