20-Year-Old Thot on Trial for Convincing Boyfriend to Commit Suicide

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2017

Here in the good ol’ USA, men are raised to keep other men (their fathers, brothers and friends) at an arm’s length, while emotionally and socially investing everything in a woman. The average white American man only has one friend: his spouse!

Conversely, women are explicitly taught to hate, exploit and abuse men. They nag and blackmail men into cutting off their male friends, sometimes even their family. The problem is the vast majority of Millennial women rank their long-term husbands and boyfriends somewhere in-between their Shih-Tzu and their gay hairdresser. A new cheap man-thrill is one Tinder swipe away and Katy Perry says it’s okay.

What could possibly go wrong? This dynamic alone explains the huge disparity in male and female suicide rates.

Women initiate the overwhelming majority of divorces because they perceive men as disposable k-cups of entertainment, rather than life partners.

Intuitive and less sheltered men fall off the bike, learn how it’s supposed to be ridden, and jump on another (and another, and another). But men of a certain disposition will just off themselves.

NBC News:

The text messages a Massachusetts woman sent to the mother of her boyfriend after his death were warm and comforting.

She often reminded the grieving mother that her son was a beautiful person, and that his spirit lived on.

“I loved him, Lynn,” one text read. “I know I’m young, but I saw the rest of my life with him.”

Those texts, sent by then-17-year-old Michelle Carter, stand in stark contrast to messages she allegedly sent before he died, goading boyfriend Conrad Roy III to take his life, prosecutors said.

During Carter’s involuntary manslaughter trial’s opening day on Tuesday, prosecutors pointed out a slew of messages Carter sent to mother Lynn Roy after her 18-year-old son Conrad Roy III committed suicide in July 2014.

Carter, now 20-years-old, allegedly pushed Conrad Roy III to kill himself, the prosecution said, in a bid to gain attention for herself so she could play the role of the grief-stricken girlfriend.

“She made a Facebook post about [Conrad’s] suicide and again the floodgates for her opened,” assistant district attorney Maryclare Flynn said during her opening statement. “She suddenly became important: the grieving girlfriend.”

Even though they only met three times in total, Carter sent strings of consoling text messages to Lynn Roy after Conrad’s death. Carter repeatedly asked if she could go through his things or if she could have the letter he allegedly left for her, the prosecution said.

Flynn said that Carter even asked one of the Conrad’s sisters if she could have some of his ashes after learning he had been cremated.

But as all of this went on, Flynn said Carter never told his mom that Carter had been on the phone with the teen, encouraging him to follow through with his plan to sit in his black Ford F-250 as the truck filled with carbon monoxide.

“[Carter] told him to ‘get the f— back in the car,’” Flynn said. “Her behavior was wanton and reckless and because of her, Conrad is dead.”

Trying her for the kid’s death is probably overkill, though the prosecutor is claiming there were 1,000 text message back-and-fourths with this little cunt demanding the young man commit suicide.

What is striking, and an important insight about women, is how quickly she jumps to the occasion when it comes to basking in victimhood. A man who isn’t a sociopath would have more shame.

Most women aren’t going to go through these lengths to get someone to commit suicide, but they do watered down versions of this all the time. At least 3/4 of the women I’ve dated claim to be “victims of rape,” and while they always have a heavily embellished Lifetime Channel version to tell, 99% of the time it’s about them drinking one too many Fireballs and hopping into bed with a stranger.

Women love adult choices but can’t handle adult consequences. An unsupervised 8-year-old will choose ice cream for dinner and also act like a victim when the stomach ache follows.

Imagine a world where Conrad Roy III was taught how to be a man, and spoiled brats like Michelle Carter got a slap in the face from a parent every time she rolled her eyes or her mouth got fresh.

This tragedy could’ve easily been averted.