20% of Latina Teens Plan to Kill Themselves and 10% Already Tried Because Orange Man Bad

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2019

Bad Orange man is making latinas kill themselves with all this border and wall talk. Every time a latina teen hears “BUILD THE WALL!” or anything about having borders, their self-destruction sequence is triggered.

This is great news, actually. The enemy is getting significantly demoralized.

ABC News:

It started in sixth grade.

Sara Martinez said she had no reason to be sad, and yet she was.

…and that’s where the article should end, but instead we’re going to read about how having borders is bad because it triggers suicidal thoughts in latinas that are sad even though they have no reason to be.

Because, you know, people need to understand how orange Trump is.

Sara Martinez is the androgynous goblin in the far right.

In seventh grade, she cut herself for the first time, finding her own blood frightening. She eventually tried to kill herself seven times before her 18th birthday.

“I just wanted the pain to end … self-harm only helped me in that moment,” Martinez said in an interview with ABC News. “Afterwards, I would see the scars and that wouldn’t make me happy, and I would self-harm again.”

Martinez is part of a startling statistic: 1 out of every 10 Latinas has attempted suicide in the past year, 2 out of 10 have made a suicide plan and half of all Latina teens said they’ve felt hopeless, according to the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to people ages 10 to 24.

Very promising numbers. They should keep trying until they finally succeed. In the meantime, we’ll keep pushing the BUILD THE WALL button to cheer for them.

You hear that, latina teens? WE BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO IT!





Within the larger Hispanic population, Latina teens and young adults in the U.S. find themselves at the center of a perfect storm of hardships, generational and cultural gaps, stigma and alack of knowledge when it comes to mental health disorders — all worsened by anti-immigrant rhetoric.

In addition to the daily hardships, the Trump administration’s immigration policies have cast yet another shadow on the prospects of Hispanic teens as a whole in American society, according to Alicia Diorio. The child and adolescent therapist in New York City said the current climate has affected the well-being of her patients.

[The anti-immigrant rhetoric] absolutely creates fear, it creates chronic stress and anxiety, and all the symptoms become exacerbated,” Diorio said.

Yeah, we shouldn’t talk about immigration because it makes the people that want to feed off of us uneasy and some of them are already suicidal. We don’t want to give them additional reasons to kill themselves do we?

Although the 2018 CDC data on exactly how much the current political climate is affecting Latina teens won’t be released until later this year, an October 2018 Pew Center research poll offers some clues. In it, half of Latinos reported having serious concerns over their place in American society under Trump, and a majority said they are worried that they, a family member or a close friend could be deported.

Criminals harboring criminals. I say deport burritos and physically remove enchilada.

Don’t forget to also remove kebab.

If you search “latina suicide” you’ll see they’ve been talking about this phenomenon for years.

Bad man being so orange doesn’t really explain why.

In fact, a big article was publish in Cosmopolitan in February 2015, 3 months before the really bad orange man announced his candidacy, which showed latinas having the highest suicide rate.

And get this – they were blaming “cultural differences” and an inability to fit in in America. This is a problem that could be most easily solved by deportation. But instead they’re claiming the opposite.