20% of Americans Think Coronavirus Vaccines May Contain Microchips

At this point, nothing would surprise me.

I don’t think there is a microchip in the vaccine, but if someone told me there was, I would just nod solemnly.

Jerusalem Post:

Some 20% of Americans believe in the conspiracy theory that microchips may have been planted inside COVID-19 vaccines that millions of people have already taken worldwide, according to a study by YouGov and The Economist that was conducted last week.

Despite a lack of evidence to support such a claim, the poll concluded overall that 15% of Americans said this conspiracy theory was “probably true” while another 5% said it was “definitely true.”

The same poll concluded that 27% of people aged 30-44 support this theory, with 8% of Biden voters and 29% of Trump voters believed it. Some 14% of Democratic voters and 32% of Republican voters also shared the same sentiment.

Here’s a link to the report.

It’s probably better that people think the worst thing imaginable of these vaccines, even if it isn’t actually true.

Since everything has to be a movie (like when Ron Paul’s entire campaign was based on V for Vendetta), the anti-vaxx chat should be “Death to Videodrome!”