2 in 3 Women Feel “Trapped” in Their Relationship Due to Financial Dependence, Survey Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

It’s time to have a real discussion about women’s feelings.

Study Finds:

Money can be a major issue in marriages and relationships, and a new survey finds many women feel powerless at home due to their significant other’s “breadwinner” status. A study of 2,000 married and cohabiting women discovered that two-thirds of respondents whose partners are the primary providers feel “trapped.”

In all, 70% of those surveyed said they feel societal pressure to be subservient to their husbands and take their last name. Many others said they feel a joint bank account stifles their financial independence. Among respondents who share a bank account with their spouse, 64% said they felt pressured into the decision in the first place. Overall, 60% of respondents in the survey, which was commissioned by Self, said they have a joint bank account with their significant other.

In addition to feeling trapped, nearly 69% of those surveyed admit they wouldn’t be able to maintain their current lifestyle without their romantic partner. Another 70% wish they had more power regarding monetary decisions with their partners.

The whole feminism and equality stuff tricked men into thinking that women experience the world in the same way that actual humans do.

When men are given freedom, they are given the chance to flourish.

The nature of men manifests, and great things are achieved.

When women are given freedom, on the other hand…

Their nature also manifests.

It’s just that women’s nature is very different from men’s.

Freedom brings women closer to Hell, because it is in their nature to be driven towards Evil.

Women can only get closer to God through men, and men need to literally oppress women to prevent their wicked nature from manifesting.

When men fail to do that, evil runs wild.

All of this means that financial freedom and everything that sounds good to men is actually not necessarily good for women.

Meanwhile, 64% of all respondents would be happier if they had some personal money for themselves set aside somewhere. Similarly, 66% of married women regret not creating a safety net for themselves to fall back on, and 53% of all cohabiting women in the survey had the same wish.

All in all, 71% of respondents think women should have separate accounts from their partners, but only 51% actually have their own account.

Among those who do have some personal money, 54% keep their money separate in a hidden account in case of divorce, while 45% have set aside some extra personal money in case of financial or medical emergencies. Finally, almost 40% said they have separate funds to handle their own personal expenses.

“While sharing finances can create a real sense of partnership, having your own money in a relationship is important because it gives you a level of control, and options, you might not have otherwise,” says Self spokesperson Lauren Bringle Jackson in a statement. “Unfortunately, women are more likely to experience financial abuse within a relationship. Having savings means you have some control over your financial future and can choose to stay – or leave – as you see fit.”

If you work your ass off so your woman can stay at home and focus on raising your kids, you’re actually financially abusing her.

Financial abuse is a real term now because it is a real thing that really happens to real people.

Believe me.