1990s Alpha Male Icon James Van Der Beek Says Hollywood Faggots Grabbed His Ass

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

James Van Der Beek was the star of the 1990s show Dawson’s Creek a show that depicted only the most alpha of all alpha male characters.

This story surrounding the fat kike Harvey Weinstein and his perverted dealings has begun to expose the dark underbelly of Hollywood to the average person. And it isn’t just women who are coming out with stories. We recently featured an article outlining how President Camacho described an incident where a top Hollywood faggot grabbed his dick. Now James Van Der Beek has come out with some highly disturbing stories.

For those of you who somehow don’t know who James Van Der Beek is, he was the most alpha of all alpha males on television in the 1990s. His work on Dawson’s Creek was the stuff of legend. Watching him on that show in the 1990s was a revelation that helped shape the person I am today. He influenced an entire generation of men in the most positive ways possible.

This scene from Dawson’s Creek with future nigger fucker Katie Holmes was the apex of 1990s manliness.

He also starred in several movies.

The alpha male spirit he displayed in this scene with Ali Larter from Varsity Blues is a source of true inspiration.

With that said, I was crushed to find out that this personal hero of mine was sexually assaulted by powerful Hollywood faggots. It turns out he had his ass grabbed by Jewish homosexuals!

This is a totally unacceptable situation.

If someone with the alpha male characteristics of James Van Der Beek can be sexually assaulted by Jewish Hollywood faggots than it literally can happen to anyone.

These Hollywood kikes need to be stopped immediately!

James Van Der Beek deserves justice!

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