1934 NSDAP FIFA Jersey on Display in Brazil

Daily Stormer
June 20, 2014

1934 German FIFA Jersey, presently on display in El Salvador, Brazil
1934 German FIFA Jersey, presently on display in El Salvador, Brazil

Well, something good came out of the World Cup – Brazil, not caring for the poor widdle feewings of the crybaby Jews is displaying an original 1934 NSDAP German soccer Jersey as part of an historical display featuring jerseys from past competitions.


The exhibition includes more than 100 replicas and originals from different nations, dating back to the first World Cup tournament in 1930.

Salvador doctor Duda Sampao, the owner of the collections, said that the exhibition has been endorsed by the local Brazilian World Cup organizing committee, and therefore has the consent of FIFA. World football governing body officials refused to comment, referring the matter to local organizers.

When visitor Rolf Zettel took a closer look of a white football shirt with a silver Nazi-era swastika on it, he couldn’t believe: “Is this a joke or what? Germany 1934, a despicable time.”

The Swiss fan from Fribourg was looking at a replica of a German 1934 World Cup shirt. “Is this OK? No it’s not OK,” Zettel said.

In Germany, displaying swastikas is a punishable offense.

In a display in another glass case in the Salvador mall is a black Mussolini-era Italian shirt with a symbol of the Italian Football Association, bearing the fasces — a cylinder around an ax which was the symbol of Italian Fascism.

Close by is a jersey worn by Israeli players at the 1970 World Cup.

Authorities in Brazil are presently working on a plan to deal with the possibility that Jewish tears could flood the entire country.  They have promised that the schedule will not be interrupted.