19-Year-Old California School Board Candidate Demonized as “Nazi” for Dressing Up in German Costume 5 Years Ago

Daily Slave
October 20, 2014

Sage Naumann – an evil crypto-Nazi who planned to gas 6 trillion Jews after his election to the local school board.

Even dressing up in a German costume which has no swastikas or anything referencing German National Socialism is apparently enough to be demonized as a “Nazi.”  This is what happened to a teen California school board candidate when an old photo of him dressed up in a German costume was discovered on the interwebs.

The evil Nazi exposed.  The discovery of this photo on Facebook prevented trillions of Jews from being gassed and turned into lampshades.

Times of Israel:

Photos of a 19-year-old California school board candidate dressed in what appears to be a Nazi uniform have sparked outrage among parents in the district, with many supporters backtracking on their endorsements of the young man’s political campaign despite the fact that the images had been posted online five years ago — when the candidate was only 14.

The pictures of Sage Naumann, which were posted to Facebook on Halloween 2009, were accompanied by captions that read “Sad Natsi [sic] mourns the loss of ze Fuhrer” and “Angry German waiting for candy.”

Naumann, a candidate for the Carlsbad Unified School District Board of Trustees, denied that the images of his 14-year-old self were indicative of any anti-Semitic tendencies and stressed that his costume, which he said he purchased online for $75, was not intended to portray a Nazi soldier but rather a German Communist party member, the UT San Diego reported.

“It is the most ridiculous thing, they are trying to make me look like I’m anti-Semitic or a Nazi supporter,” Naumann told the San Diego paper.

This story reflects the need for us to promote an unapologetic and hardcore message.  If this teen school board candidate is called a “Nazi” for something as ridiculous as this, then it is time for us to embrace these labels.  Yes we are “Nazis,” yes we are “racist” and yes we are “anti-Semites.”  It is the only way to counter their ridiculous propaganda.