As Soon as They Got Out of the Ghetto, the Jews Were Trying to Suppress Free Speech

Diversity Macht Frei
August 31, 2016


As I’ve made clear in previous posts, in my view the catastrophe currently engulfing us dates from the so-called “Age of Enlightenment”, originating in the ferment of ideas that gave rise to the French Revolution and the Cult of Equality. The sinister and false dogma of this cult, namely that any group of people has the same genetic potential as any other group of people, has been on a 200-year slow burn through our civilisation, manifested in sub-cults like feminism, anti-racism, Socialism and Communism.

Equality dogma logically implies the denial of any people’s uniqueness and therefore constitutes a repudiation of ancestral peoplehood as the binding element of national life. The shared history of the tribe was to be replaced by merely superficial markers of belonging, such as birthplace, citizenship and “values”. This was genocide dressed up as “progress”.

The French Revolution started when Louis XVI, needing to raise cash to pay his debts, convoked the Estates General in 1789. Various “representatives” of the people were invited to submit their grievances in the form of Cahiers de Doléances. The Jews, too, were allowed to submit petitions. At that time they lived in largely self-contained communities under autonomous governmental structures called Kehillot. Few Jews had any significant interaction with the real people of France. The French Revolution began to change that.

Jewish intellectualism, hitherto confined to absurd and arcane controversies such as whether Jews were allowed to drink wine made from grapes that been grown by Gentiles or whether the goy influence had rendered it impure – was now unleashed upon the world, with ultimately disastrous effect both for the Jews and for the people of Europe. In time the corrosive effect of Jewish ideas on European culture would provoke a furious reaction from the threatened indigenous people, who sensed that beneath the mask of moral idealism lay an alien ethnic assault on their way of life.

But I find it fascinating that even at the earliest stage, in their submission for inclusion in the Cahiers de Doléances, the Jews were already trying to suppress free speech.

The Jews of Alsace specifically petitioned for the right to employ Christian labour in agriculture and demanded that the decree forbidding marriages between Jews without special permits be revoked. They also demanded a prohibition on the use of insulting terms in official documents to describe Jews.

Source: A History of Modern Jewry by Raphael Mahler

There had already been anti-Jewish riots in Alsace, provoked by extortionate money-lending practices. But it looks like these Alsatian Jews, from whom Dreyfus would later spring, were already looking to extend their domination of Christians into other spheres.

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