18,000 Syrian “Refugees” Attack Greek Border After Erdogan Says He’ll Flood Europe

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2020

“Do what I say or I’ll send in the hordes” is one weird little trick that proved effective in the past.

Whites have yet to come up with an effective defense against it.

It looks like a new “refugee” crisis is starting.

Daily Mail:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to keep borders open for Syrian refugees headed for Europe as the first 18,000 cross the Greek border and migrants clash for the second day with guards.

‘What did we do yesterday (Friday)? We opened the doors,’ Erdogan said in Istanbul in his first comments since 33 Turkish troops were killed in northern Syria on Thursday. ‘We will not close those doors …Why? Because the European Union should keep its promises.’

The Turkish leader also said 18,000 migrants have amassed on the Turkish borders with Europe since Friday, adding that the number could reach as many as 30,000 on Saturday.

They’re even getting fed by Human Rights acolytes.

Europe cannot allow the invading army to starve before invading, because without invading foreigners, Europe will not survive.

Migrants played a cat-and-mouse game with Greek border patrols throughout the night and into Saturday, with some cutting holes in the fence only to be turned back by tear gas and stun grenades. Greek authorities also fired tear gas to repulse attempts by the crowd to push through the border.

The move by Turkey to open its border, first announced Thursday, was seen in Greece as a deliberate attempt to pressure European countries. It comes as tensions ratcheted up between Turkey and Syria. More than 55 Turkish troops have been killed since Turkey began sending further reinforcements into areas of northwest Syria under the control of rebels, which are backed by Turkey.

‘We will not close the gates to refugees,’ Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul. ‘The European Union has to keep its promises.’

As Turkey’s ‘strongman’ president, the act of defiance against Europe will help Erdogan’s domestic popularity. It is also a response to what he sees as a reneging on NATO and EU promises.

Turkey, which is already home to around 3.6 million Syrian refugees, fears more people arriving in the country where there is growing popular discontent against their presence.

While there are four official crossing points from Turkey into Europe, two for both Bulgaria and Greece, a number of other unsanctioned crossing points have seen a steady flow of Syrian refugees entering the continent.

‘We are not in a situation to handle a new wave of refugees’ from Syria, Erdogan said.

If Erdogan really has opened the border, it would be a dramatic departure from Turkey’s current policy. Under a 2016 deal, Turkey agreed to stem the tide of refugees to Europe in return for financial aid. It has since protested that the EU has failed to honor the agreement.

Scenes from the border show people navigating through wire fences and wading through freezing rivers to get to Greece, reminiscent of scenes from the 2015 refugee crisis.

Greece, which has tense relations with its neighbour Turkey at the best of times and was a primary gateway for hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in 2015 and 2016, reiterated it would keep migrants out.

The government will do whatever it takes to protect its borders,’ government spokesman Stelios Petsas told reporters.

Greece’s Skai TV aired live video from the Turkish side of the northern land border at Kastanies showing Greek riot police firing teargas rounds at groups of migrants who were hurling stones and shouting obscenities.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz hinted that borders could be closed across the Balkans in response to a rush of migrants towards Greece from Turkey, echoing action taken during Europe’s 2015-16 migration crisis.

‘We are in constant contact with our partners in the EU and along the western Balkan route. Should the protection of the EU’s external borders not succeed, then Austria will protect its borders,’ Kurz, a critic of Turkey’s government and a hawk on illegal immigration, said in a statement.

His comments hinted at a response similar to that of 2016 when he was foreign minister and Austria coordinated a series of border closures in Balkan countries between it and Greece to block a new wave of arrivals.

A situation like 2015 must absolutely not be repeated. Our aim must be to protect the EU’s external borders properly, to stop illegal migrants there and not to wave them through,’ Kurz said.

Austria was ready to send extra police to countries on the border, he said, apparently referring to Greece and Bulgaria

A Reuters witness said there were about 500 people in the buffer zone between the two border posts, and beyond that on the Turkish side hundreds more.

On Saturday, small groups managed to get across into Greece clandestinely. The vast majority were from Afghanistan, and most were men, although there were also some families with young children.

A group of Afghans waded across fast-moving waters of the Evros river and took refuge in a small chapel. They crossed into Greece on Friday morning.

‘Today is good’ said Shir Agha, 30 in broken English. ‘Before, Erdogan people, police problem,’ he said. Their shoes were caked in mud. It had rained heavily the night before, and by early morning, temperatures were close to freezing.

Yeah, most are men.

Very disrespectful men, by the way.

There’s also very friendly women asking help in a very nice and inviting way.

But most importantly, there’s crying brown children.

It is against the core values of white people to make brown kids cry, so Greece and all of Europe will have to comply with Erdogan’s demands.