17 Years Later: US Supporting Same Sandniggers in Syria Who Murdered Thousands of Americans

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

Instead of killing these people, the US is, once again, supporting them against more normal people. Whether it’s secular Arab strongmen or the Russians, America seems keen on supporting insane Islamic terrorists.


Seventeen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US government and media outlets have decided that Al-Qaeda is now a rebel group worthy of our sympathy. The cynical narrative change is par for the course, experts told RT.

As somber newspaper headlines mark the anniversary of the devastating attacks, some commentators have pointed out that the terrorist group accused of murdering 3,000 Americans seventeen years ago is now occupying northeastern Syria – with the US threatening to take military action if the “rebels” are evicted from the region by the Syrian army and its allies.

Now, most Americans want nothing more than to blow the shit out of ISIS. And Moslems in general. Instead, we remain joined at the hip with these savages.


Well, all because the Jews think it’s useful to have them running amok in the middle-east, knocking out Israel’s enemies. And the Saudis also have fun knocking out competitors. So do the Qataris. And Uncle Sam, I suppose.

When 9/11 happened, I remember some old school red-pill types who knew geopolitics telling me, still a teen, that this was America’s comeuppance, for supporting the Moslems in the Middle-East, Central Asia, the Caucasus and in the Balkans.

This was a mad dog, finally biting its master – that was their take.

That didn’t sit well with me though. I asked them whether it was ok to say these things about dead civilians, people who never supported these terrorists.

To which, they shrugged and said, “of course they supported them. It’s a democracy, people have a vote. People have a choice. You can’t say that the people didn’t have any power.”

These weren’t Al-Qaeda sympathists, mind you. They were just playing devil’s advocate for Saddam’s point of view. I realize that now.

And it doesn’t seem that America has learned it’s lesson. They still support these crazy people.

But what does the United States hope to gain from deterring an attack on Al-Qaeda’s last enclave in Syria?

Washington’s threats of military action are a way of preserving a “modicum of influence” in Syria, Maloof said. “The US is looking at Idlib and support for Al-Qaeda to maintain influence and try to deflect attention away from domestic problems.” He added that the US is using the excuses of “humanitarian disaster and chemical weapons” to justify its military activity in the country.

“They’re going to go kinetic if there’s an attack in Idlib,” Maloof predicted.

Wimmer warned against trying to overthink Washington’s shocking change of heart concerning Al-Qaeda. “You can’t look at US foreign policy under logical terms,” he said.

“These groups are used to topple whole regions, not only Syria but also other countries, and at the end we fight against a threat that was organized by our own governments. And I think people are tired of this.”

He noted that the US has “danced on its own argument” by accusing Russia of using anti-terrorism operations as a false pretext for getting militarily involved in Syria, adding that unlike Russia and Iran’s presence in the country, “under all legal terms, there is no justification for a US presence in Syria under international law.”

Nowadays,  I still disagree with those guys. I understand just how little sway the average American has on the policies of the CIA – who created and funds these groups.

I just wonder what would happen if Americans finally understood, en masse, that their government funded and created these groups that occasionally bite the hand of the master that feeds them, leaving dead American civilians in their wake.

How would they feel about the government having let literally millions of them into the country since 9/11?

What would they make of this disturbing new information?

Would they be capable of handling that level of woke?