Forgiveness for the Colored Folks Killing Us All?

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

Here is 17 minutes of Blacks being violent apes.

As a side note: Colin, if you happen to read this I have asked you several times (many of which recent) on your videos and at least once in an email to put source links in your videos.

It’s not difficult.

Editor’s Note: Also, if anyone knows Colin, tell him to do it. It takes no effort and allows people to pass these stories around. It is bizarre that he doesn’t do it – “sources below” is basic common courtesy. And this man presents himself as a professional YouTuber. It’s almost like this is some kind of stupid business move – that he thinks if he gives out the sources people will watch/read the original instead of his version. But look: people would still have to go to his channel and click the videos to find these stories he’s cataloging.