150 Countries Agree to UN Migrant Suicide Pact!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

The UN migration pact: Because the only reason someone wouldn’t want to be buried by an ultra-flood of disgusting, blood-drinking foreigners is that they hate the skin, are white supremacist, are neo-Nazi and are anti-Semitic.

CBC News:

A majority of UN states adopted on Monday a non-binding global pact to better handle migrant flows, Morocco’s foreign minister said, though fewer governments joined than had previously worked on the proposal.

Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita announced the decision as host of the UN conference in Marrakesh. There was no formal vote.

In July, all 193 UN members except the United States finalized the so-called Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration to better handle migration.

Since then, the text has come under fire from mostly right-wing European politicians, who say it could increase immigration from African and Arab countries. At least six European Union members — mostly in formerly Communist Eastern Europe — have shunned the accord.

It was not immediately clear how many countries were in Marrakesh. The UN had put the number of governments registered late on Sunday at more than 150.

This document says: “migration is a human right.”

Literally: any poor person can just walk into any less poor country and start demanding free things. It is a naked attempt to just push full open borders Jewish globalism.

The Jews even released this meme on /pol/ to celebrate:

But let me tell you something: this “migration” thing does not go both ways.

You can’t just walk into some random third world shithole and start buying up property and getting monopolies on industries by using your superior IQ to run out locals. No, those countries remain sovereign under this pact, and continue to hold the right to seize foreign-owned property and businesses.

You can’t decide to take your new wife to Saudi Arabia then burn her passport and give her a right-hook upside her temples every time she tries to talk.

No, Saudi Arabia will ask YOU for a bunch of papers, and WILL NOT accept “I am a refugee from laws banning me from keeping my whore wife in line” as a reason to let you move in.

Just so, you can’t show up in Thailand and be like “I’m a refugee from not getting any pussy.”

This only helps the lowest of the low, and it is insane.

Abject madness.

It is a Jew plan to wipe out the white race, point blank.

It’s hardly getting talked about in the media.

To be clear, this isn’t binding. Nothing the UN does is binding. It is however a formal agreement that you will allow whatever shitholer walks in to live permanently on welfare in your country. No one can explain why anyone would think this was a good idea.