15 Years After the Deplorable Attack on WTC: Endless Wars, Infinity Moslems in Our Basket

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2016


Well, it’s been 15 years since 19 Moslems, mostly from Saudi Arabia, blew up our towers and George W. Bush declared “war on terrorism.”

What’s happened since then?

A series of Jewish wars and a Jewish-led mass-invasion of our countries by Moslem terrorists.



The US invaded Afghanistan. The Taliban was blamed for the attacks, even though there was no connection to them. So Bush invaded Afghanistan. Currently, this war is still on going, and the US-backed democratic human rights government is about to lose to the Taliban. The entire war was completely meaningless.



The US invaded Iraq – Bush said that Saddam Hussein was planning to nuke America somehow, so he invaded Iraq. This war lasted over a decade and when Obama finally pulled the troops out, the country was mostly taken over by terrorists.

At the time of the invasion, the majority of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein had ordered the 911 attacks.



Through the internet, Western intelligence agencies created the “Arab Spring,” which was supposedly a series of pro-democracy coups, but turned out to be Islamic extremists overthrowing stable secular governments to replace them with monkey madness.

This led to an open US policy of backing terrorist groups to overthrow stable governments.


The Presidents of Egypt and Tunisia resigned due to protesting hoax.

US funds terrorists to invade Libya. Hillary Clinton bombs Libya, Kills Gaddaffi and turns the place into a circus which ultimately leads to the formation of ISIS.


Clinton’s excuse for bombing Libya was that people were protesting and it was necessary bomb the country for human rights.

2011 also featured the pull-out from destroyed Iraq, which provided a cool place for ISIS to setup.

The Syrian “civil war,” which is still on-going, began in 2011 at the tail-end of the Western-backed “Arab Spring” hoax.



The “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) was announced, and took over mass territory in Syria and Iraq in the midst of the chaos.


Russia went into Syria to try and fix the mess, while the West attempted to thwart them and protect the terrorists.

The Deplorable Elephants in the Room


What has not ever been addressed during all of this is Saudi Arabia, where the 15 of the 19 attackers were from, and who it is now admitted planned and funded the operation. The US continues to celebrate Saudi as an ally, giving them billions of dollars. Currently, Obama is considering vetoing a bill which has passed both the Senate and the House allowing families of 911 victims to sue the Saudi government for funding the attack.

Also remaining unaddressed by everyone is the fact that all of these wars benefit Israel, and are planned by American Jews in our government and running influential think tanks.


There is also a real possibility that Israel itself planned or assisted with the 911 attacks. Due to the Israeli Mossad connections with Saudi secret services, there is zero chance they didn’t know about them. There is also no doubt that dozens, if not hundreds of people within the American intelligence community would at the very least have known the attacks were coming.

Yet none of that has been investigated.


As the West has been causing insane amounts of chaos in the Middle East through invasions and then weird Twitter revolutions and organized Islamic terrorism, they were also invading themselves with infinity Moslems.


Since 911, over 2 million Moslems have been allowed to immigrate into the United States. Europe has been even crazier with their self-invasion policy, with Germany taking in 2 million Moslems in 2015 alone, and Sweden having replaced more than a tenth of their population with Moslems over the last decade and a half.

Terrorist attacks have now become the norm, with one happening every few days.

In Short

It would have been physically impossible to respond in a worse way to these attacks. It has been a monumental disaster, from every conceivable angle.

Unless you’re a Jew.

The insane invasions, bombings, coups and terrorist revolutions are directly related to the current influx of “migrants.” Not simply because all of this democracy-building made the countries difficult to live in, but because people felt bad about the wars, felt as though they owed these people something.


So you had Jews on one side pushing for these invasions, then you had Jews on the other side saying “oh, you bad goyim, you invaded these people – let them all come and live on welfare in your country and rape and murder you or you are a bad person.”

The last 15 years have been defined by 911. It has been 15 years of getting Jewed-over on a scale as history has never seen – and history has seen a whole lot of large-scale Jewing.

We’ve Finally Learned Our Lesson – Maybe

The good news is, that after 15 years, things are finally turning around. People are beginning to see this nightmare for what it is. And people are beginning to resist.

Donald Trump is the answer to the last 15 years of being Jewed by kikes.


Whereas Hillary is calling for an expansion of the endless wars and infinity immigrant program, Trump is aggressively opposed to both of these deplorable agendas.

And it looks like he’s going to be our next President.

America was effectively destroyed, not by the attack itself, but by the Jews who manipulated us in the aftermath.

Now, we have a chance to redeem this once-great nation.

Hail Victory.