15-Year-Old “Madly in Love” Louisiana Girl Runs Away With 47-Year-Old Man, Man Gets Arrested

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2019

Cory Disotell and Domeanna Spell

Cases like this one really show how ubiquitous white genocide components are. Our system is working against the reproduction of our people.

Daily Mail:

The 15-year-old Louisiana girl who is believed to have run off willingly with a family friend who is more than 30 years her senior has been found and the man she was with has been arrested.

Authorities said Domeanna Spell was located with Cory ‘Shane’ Disotell, 47, on Friday in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, which is 1,165 miles from where she was last seen just over one week ago.

Spell, who has been deemed safe, had been missing for just over one week, after being previously last seen getting off the school bus at Port Barre High School in Louisiana at around 7am on  March 28.

‘This was a joint effort with our agency, the FBI, US marshals, state police, St. Landry Parish sheriffs office and many other agencies and organizations, working tirelessly and fervently,’ Port Barre Police Chief Deon Bordeaux said.

‘We are so thankful that the hard work paid off and the end result was this girl was found safe.’

This is the girl:

This is the man:

Spell’s sister, Jerrie Cradeur, said the believed the teen willingly walked across the street after getting off the school bus and got into a car with Disotell on March 28.

He probably has her believing that she’s safe with him and that she’s madly in love with him,’ Cradeur told KATC before Spell was found.

I do believe he did brainwash her. It was told to me that he is manipulative and he would have done it.’

This is the sister (what the girl above will look like in a few years):


Cradeur said Spell’s family tried to keep Disotell away, however, once the family came to believe the two were carrying on a secret relationship, according to Heavy.com.

She added Disotell even told Spell’s parents, Nicholas and Elizabeth Spell, that he was in love with the teen and wanted to marry her a few months.

At that point, Cradeur said Spell’s parents told him to stay away from their daughter and forbid her from seeing him, but the relationship is believed to have continued in secret.

When neighbors saw a man sneak into Spell’s bedroom through the window, her parents called the police, Cradeur said, and that’s when an investigation into Disotell’s and Spell’s relationship first began.

That investigation was said to have been ongoing when Spell disappeared on March 28.

Imagine having so much insulin resistance that you want to keep your daughter away from a man that wants to marry her, who is also the man she’s in love with, so she can whore around with niggers and live the college slut life.

Current age of consent laws prevent women from developing strong bonds with men likely to marry them and to stick around after sexing them when they’re most likely to develop those bonds. This perpetuates whore and slut culture, which are key components of white genocide because of their immense birthrate-lowering effects.

Under normal circumstances, puberty is the time when the daughter-father bond starts to weaken due to girls’ new interest in sex. This is normal, natural and healthy, because women of reproductive age are not supposed to be in love with their fathers.

The void left by the weakened father-daughter bond increases the strength with which these daughters will bond with males they feel sexual interest in.

These strong bonds are still formed today, but they’re formed with young boys, browns and niggers that won’t stick around instead of being formed with white men of good character that will provide any real benefit to these girls, and this is by design. The more sexual partners women have, the less able to bond they become, and the weaker the bonds they’re able to form become.

Being the neighborhood bike damages women beyond repair. It destroys their hearts, their minds and their bodies.

Damaged women damage everything and everyone around them.

Men over 30 are more likely to have the means of supporting a family. While women are born with value and experience their peak value in their most fertile years where they are the most attractive to men, men have to build their value up, which takes time.

By keeping men who have the means of supporting a family from accessing young fertile womb containers, the family institution is attacked from multiple fronts. First by forcing these men to accept as wives women who have lost the ability to form strong bonds (which exorbitantly increases the likelihood of those women destroying the families and the lives of these men) and then by reducing the number of children that they’ll be able to father over their lifetime.

Men are able to keep their fertility even after they’re past 70, but women lose theirs around 35 years of age. By forcing “age appropriate” relationships, men’s fertility gets capped by both the time it takes them to build the wealth to support their offspring and women’s fertility, which directly lowers birthrates. By the time a man’s built his value and is able to support a family, he’s forced to accept an “age appropriate” match for him, which means that if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to father one kid before time closes his wife’s baby factory.

This is the opposite of what we’ve been doing in the past.

Historically, men arranged the marriage of their daughters while they were young, not only to allow their daughters to get the most out of their peak beauty, but also to pass on the burden of caring for their daughters to the men that will father children with them as soon as daddies’ little girls started feeling the urge to put things into their vaginas. This resulted in fathers increasing the power of their families through the strategic marrying of their daughters when they were the most valuable, while also giving their daughters the best deal they could get. It also provided the husbands of their daughters with a young fertile wife able to produce lots of kids for them.

It was a win for fathers, a win for their daughters, and a win for the husbands of their daughters.

Triple win.