14,000 Invaders Cross Austrian Border in 2 Days

The New Observer
October 23, 2015

14,000 nonwhite invaders have poured across the Austrian border in just two days from Slovenia, utterly overwhelming the police and finally provoking the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) governor of the Styrian province to admit that the authorities had “lost control” of the situation.


The massive flood of invaders—mostly males and all pretending to be “refugees” from Syria (when in fact all official tallies show that over 80 percent of them are not)—have stormed the Austrian border at Spielfeld after being diverted through Croatia and Slovenia after the Hungarian government wisely refused to grant passage to the nonwhites.

Over the past five days, Slovenian authorities have reported that around 34,000 nonwhite invaders have crossed into their tiny nation on their way to Germany.

When the hordes arrived at the Austrian border, they simply smashed through the orderly processing lines that had been set up to process them in a dignified fashion, and overran the few hundred Austrian policemen who had been deployed to manage their passage.

When the nonwhites found out that they were not yet in Germany, and still had hundreds of kilometers left to go, many turned violent and chaotic scenes broke out as the overwhelmed police launched a failed bid to keep order.

Tents that had been set up to try and provide temporary accommodation for the hordes were quickly overrun as they could only hold 1,000 people at a time. Some of the invaders set off on foot, but after realizing that it was still many days’ walk to Germany, turned back and presented themselves to the Austrians, demanding food, drink, and accommodation.


According to reports in the Austrian media, Styrian Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer, a member of the ruling collation which helped create the nonwhite invasion disaster in the first place, then announced that the situation had gone too far and that without swift action, an “explosion” was coming.

“In recent weeks and months, we have tried to help in the best possible manner all the fleeing persons. Now we see, however, that the matter has assumed such a scale so that we are no longer masters of the situation.”

Schützenhöfer demanded that the federal government send in the army to secure the Styrian-Slovenian border to not only “get a grip” on the situation, but also to restore the “self-respect of the State.”

“It is inconceivable,” he said, “that thousands of people, wherever they come from are marching across the border, without being asked what they want and where they come from. Securing the borders is the core responsibility of the state. As Governor of Styria I cannot stand by as thousands of people disregard our efforts to maintain order and break through barriers.”

Head of the populist and anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) in Styria, Mario Kunasek, who personally observed the chaos, said that the “time of the tolerance romantics and the alliance of do-gooders, which has had such dramatic consequences for the local population, is over. I call on those responsible to act quickly and to finally seal the borders.”

In his reaction, FPÖ leader HC Strache said on his Twitter feed that it was clear that the ruling coalition had lost the support of the voters, and that a new election should immediately be held.

All opinion polls show that the FPÖ has a commanding lead over the other parties and could well emerge from an election with a big enough majority to form a government without having to go into coalition. The FPÖ has promised to halt the immigration invasion of Austria.