14-Year-Old Niglet Imitates Cop to Rob a Blind White Dude

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2018

You see this?

This right here?

This is why I live in a forest.

New York Post:

Police say they’ve captured a conniving 14-year-old who allegedly made off with a sight-impaired gentleman’s wallet — by claiming he was a cop who could help guide him into the subway near Penn Station.

The authorities had been searching for the nervy tyke since Monday, when he approached the 64-year-old victim at 34th Street and Eighth Avenue.

The kid only came up to the victim’s shoulders — but nevertheless “identified himself as a police officer and offered him assistance,” in getting into the subway, police said.

Subway surveillance video shows the sight-impaired man waiting calmly as the kid brazenly unzips the man’s back pack and removes his wallet.