13-Year-Old Kid Beats Mexican Mom After Telling Her Son to “Go Back to Mexico”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2019

This new generation of kids is literally Hitler.

Daily Mail:

A New Jersey mom pushing her baby in a stroller was viciously attacked and left for dead by a high school bully who took exception to her 12-year-old son defending the rights of Mexican immigrants.

Beronica Ruiz, 35, of Passaic, was brutally attacked after she complained to the school’s vice principal about three students who threatened her son and told him to ‘go back to Mexico,’ the woman’s attorney said Friday.

Ruiz was hospitalized for two days after the 13-year-old student – one of three who had been taunting her son – allegedly jumped her while she was with her baby and the 12-year-old boy.

What did the faggot 12-year-old Mexican boy do during the attack then? Cry mommy?

Maybe the upcoming generation of kids would also go beat the vice principal for suspending them when something like this happens again. As each generation appears to be even more fascist than the previous one, traitors will start thinking twice before defending the enemy.

This was a horrific and brutal attack,’ lawyer Daniel Santiago said. ‘It takes a certain level of insanity to brutally attack a mother with a stroller and leave her for dead.’

What do you mean “horrific”?

This is hilarious.

Ruiz suffered a fractured eye socket, bruises and a bloodshot eye that remained red for days after the attack.

The day prior to the attack, Ruiz’s son was taunted in the school cafeteria of Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. 20.

‘They were chanting ‘Mexicans should go back behind the wall,’ Santiago told NJ Media.

There is no wall though.

When the young boy replied: ‘We all come from immigrants’ the bullies allegedly threatened violence, Santiago said.

And with good reason. Just picturing some fat 12-year-old Mexican telling American kids “we all come from immigrants” is a cringe overdose.

When the boy went home that afternoon, he told his mother about the threats of violence and said he was afraid to return to the school.

Ruiz then went to the school and complained to the vice principal, demanding to know why the school had not told her of the abuse.

The attack took place after the teen was suspended.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t go around beating Mexicans. That would only get you in trouble.

That said, in an ideal world, the 13-year-old “bully” would have done nothing wrong.

  • Beating women: good
  • Bullying foreigners: good
  • Telling foreigners to go back to their own countries: good
  • Defending your heritage: good

But we’re not in an ideal world right now. You have to adapt to the world you’re currently in.

…tell that to kids born around 2007, though.

These kids have grown up being told they have no future.

So they have nothing to lose by noticing things.