120 Women Strip Naked and Screech for No Particular Reason

Daily Stormer
June 4, 2017


Ladies, I understand not all of you are like this, but too many of you are.

That’s why we need WHITE SHARIA!

Daily Caller:

One hundred and twenty naked women participated in a flash mob Tuesday to protest gender-based violence in Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires.

Displaying a banner reading “Femicide is Genocide,” the mass of women gathered in front of parliament, the presidential palace Casa Rosada, and Argentina’s highest court, reported The New Yorker.

They then proceeded to strip to a soundtrack playing behind them. Clustering around the banner they were holding, the women collapsed to form a pile of bodies meant to represent victims of violence.

Nothing shows how strong and independent you are as pretending you’re a naked corpse.

A woman on a loudspeaker outlined the problems of gender-based violence plaguing women. The women then rose and advanced towards their audience, finishing the performance with a long, angry scream.

The flash mob was the latest protest organized by a collective known as Fuerza Artística de Choque Comunicativo (F.A.C.C), meaning “artistic force of communicative shock” in Spanish, a team of activist artists formed last year.

The only question is – how much money is Soros giving them? Because you know there’s a kike giving them money to do this, and that kike is probably Soros.

Dozens of topless women demonstrated in Buenos Aires in February to demand the right to sunbathe semi-nude after police asked topless women to leave the beach. Police cited a national criminal code article prohibiting “obscene displays” to justify asking the women to leave the beach, The Guardian reported.

The city of Buenos Aires also passed a bill in December 2016 outlawing public sexual harassment in an effort to prevent males from catcalling women.

Sounds like Argentina has some serious existential issues to deal with. Like – relearning to smack bitches over their dumb mouths when they do dumb shit, which is a core tenet of WHITE SHARIA, and the only way to save these dumb whores’ souls!