11-Year-Old Shelby White Shoots Cougar That was Harassing Her Older Brother

Daily Stormer
March 3, 2014


Just when you think there is nothing left to save, an 11-year-old girl in rural Washington state sees a cougar stalking her brother, grabs a gun and shoots it dead.

We still have a lot of salt of the earth type folks in this country, we just don’t tend to see them. Stories like this help us remember they’re around.

When she saw the cat coming up behind her 14-year-old brother Tanner, Shelby White acted on a protection instinct, as European folk are prone to do.

From NY Daily News:

The fearless hunter snatched her rifle, took aim at the deadly beast which was just 10 feet away, and gunned it down — saving her sibling’s life.

Methow Valley News reports that the female cougar, which was “severely emaciated,” tried to get into the family’s Lookout Mountain ranch’s cow pen at 2:30 a.m. that morning.

Shelby’s dad Thomas White was alerted to the intruder after his pet dog started barking and managed to scare it away.

It returned again two hours later and White again managed to scare it off.

The big cat tried to make its third time the charm at 3:30 p.m. when she chanced her luck as White’s three children returned home from school.

Tanner White reportedly went outside to feed the family’s dogs but, as he walked back to the house, the cougar jumped out from under one of their cars.

With the young boy seemingly unaware he was being followed, he let himself back inside the house and shut the door.

His father then looked out the window and was stunned to see the cougar just feet away.

Cal Treser, enforcement officer for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, revealed that little Shelby White — who has a permit to kill cougars — acted immediately.

She grabbed her rifle and shot the cougar dead, before posing for pictures alongside her kill, he added.

That's a big cat.
That’s a big cat.