Good News: Blacks Only Assembly Held in Illinois, Indicating Blacks Want to Reintroduce Segregated Schooling

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2015

You know Negroes, we actually used to give you your own space, then you complained about it.  Now you want it back?  What gives?
You know Negroes, we actually used to give you your own space, then you complained about it. Now you want it back? What gives?

Okay, so a high school in Illinois is “under fire” (as the media is so fond of saying) because the Black principal organized a “Black Lives Matter” assembly and barred all non-Blacks from attending. This discriminatory event took place in late February, and was described as the “culmination” of Black History.

Nathaniel Rouse, principal of the school and organizer of the event, doesn't want to see any colored eyes looking at his colored people.
Nathaniel Rouse, principal of the school and organizer of the event, doesn’t want to see any colored eyes looking at his colored people as they discuss their schemes.

The event drew approximately 350 proud Negroes from Oak Park and River Forest High School. But some of the non-Blacks who were racially discriminated against felt hurt at literally being barred from the assembly based on their race, and several parents complained.

But the principal, Nathaniel Rouse, has explanations on how this is no big deal and totally in line with normalcy.

Yahoo Parenting:

First and foremost, this is not meant to give a connotation that we were trying to be exclusive,” he said, adding that the decision to allow only black students was based on the philosophy known as “affinity grouping,” which allows people of one racial or other subgroup to be able to express themselves fully and safely. “I believe that the discussion will help us as a school begin talking about race in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before — and most important, produce change,” Rouse said in a statement posted on the school’s website in response to the complaints.

Hey, yeah – I agree with you, champ.  Races need private space.  This is why I don’t even want you in my country.

Can you even imagine the kind of “affinity grouping” you could experience in Africa?

At the “Black Lives Matter” assembly, according to the school’s statement, people spoke about their positive experiences coming to OPRF from schools that were less diverse, the disproportionately low numbers of black students in honors classes, and ways to address “disparities in the discipline system.” Superintendent Steven Isoye, who attended the event, noted in the statement, “This was a very positive conversation where our most disenfranchised students were able to give voice to their experiences and hopes for the future.”

You would have to define “disenfranchised.”  No, actually, wait – I don’t care.  The thing here is, I completely agree with your position that Blacks should be separate from Whites.  This was in fact the entire basis for segregation, which was designed to benefit us and you.

But you complained about it and demanded integration because Jews told you it would be “grrrrrreatt!”

Oh so now it's not great anymore, huh?
Oh so now it’s not great anymore, huh?

Look, Blackie – normally, the rules are “no takebacks.”  That is tradition among Whites.  But in this case, if you want to resegregate schools, I’m going to go ahead and support you on this one.

It really is a great idea.  Which, again, is why we did it in the first place.

None of the parents of white students upset by the event would speak about it on the record, according to the Chicago Tribune.

But Rouse told the paper that, as a black man, he knows firsthand how challenging it can be to speak in front of a mixed group. “I found it has been far easier for me to talk about my experiences with racism with individuals that look like me,” he said. “I still struggle myself with talking about my experiences with people who don’t look like me.” He also said he hopes to have similar groups in the near future for white, Latino, and Asian students, to be followed by a school-wide event that lets all students talk about race together.

Yes!  We know.  And it isn’t just when talking about experiences.  Pretty much in any case, always, it is much easier to be around people who look like you.  This is basically the summation of my entire ideology.

This approach is “not a newfangled idea,” according to Imani Keith Henry, a New York City–based diversity trainer who heads the consulting practice OD for the People. “It’s done in unions, caucuses, and professional organizations and associations,” he tells Yahoo Parenting. “It’s not only about comfort, but creating leadership, and to just have a moment to strategize about ideas in a safe environment where you can talk in shorthand and not have to explain everything.”

Yes, not at all “newfangled.”

You used to have your own schools!

hist_us_20_civil_rights_pic_black_school_classroom 50681512_slideshow br0057Cs img_georgia_segregated_school_lg

And your own everything else!

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Can you dig it?

I said:

Can you dig it?

This worked really well, and everyone was happy with it.

But then you started complaining.


While we were telling you “no, look, it’s better this way.”


So, yeah, if you Blacks want to go back to the initial agreement, I’m very comfortable with that.  What I am not comfortable with is giving you the special privilege of segregation, while banning us from doing the same.

Because that just isn’t fair.