10,000 Swedists March in Malmo After Queer Activist Stabbed

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2014

A week after a Nationalist stabbed a queer activist, who is now in the hospital “fighting for his life,” 10,000 Swedists allegedly marched through Malmo with their subhuman fighting comrades, demanding an end to “fascism.”

That is, they are demanding an end to those who wish to fight back against the destruction of the country that their ancestors fought and died for.

From the Local:

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The Local also gave us some pictures of those marching.

Lets look at them.

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Swedism is not a cancer, it is a virus.  Instead of merely corrupting cells, it alters them, forces them to attack the host organism themselves.  Thus you have Swedish people destroying their own homeland, which their ancestors fought like madmen to protect.

God have mercy, Sweden.  You sure were something.
God have mercy, Sweden. You sure were something.