10,000 Migrants Living Under a Bridge in Texas

These people are negroes.

They’re not even Mexicans or Guatemalans or whatever.

They’re from Africa.

ABC News:

About 10,000 migrants are packed under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, waiting to be taken into U.S. custody, officials said on Thursday.

Customs and Border Protection is sending extra manpower to deal with the crush of migrants in the Del Rio Sector, the agency said in a statement to ABC News.

“The Border Patrol is increasing its manpower in the Del Rio Sector and coordinating efforts within DHS and other relevant federal, state and local partners to immediately address the current level of migrant encounters and to facilitate a safe, humane and orderly process,” CBP said in a statement. “To prevent injuries from heat-related illness, the shaded area underneath Del Rio International Bridge is serving as a temporary staging site while migrants wait to be taken into USBP custody.”

“Drinking water, towels, and portable toilets have been delivered for migrants to use while they await to be transported to a facility,” CBP added.

The overwhelming majority of people held under the bridge at the Del Rio Sector are from Haiti, a source briefed on the situation told ABC News.

This is just a normal thing now.

Thousands of Africans living under a bridge.

No one knows who any of these people are.

Biden is just welcoming them all, and the statement is that they are coming in to punish white people for racism.

Jen Psaki said that “immigration is a racial equity issue.”

“Racial equity” means punishing white people for supposed historical injustices.

So that literally means that Biden is flooding America with all of these mysterious, unknown, undocumented Africans as a way to make whites suffer.

Immigration is a great benefit and strengthens our culture with diversity, but it’s also a punishment.

I guess that’s like BDSM, where you have a woman whipping you, but it also sexually arouses you.

I think it is important to remember that the sickening cripple governor of Texas is refusing to do anything about this. He whines about it and says it’s bad. But he won’t do anything to stop it, despite having full authority to do so.

Gov Crip should do a remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge.”

He should go under the bridge with these negroes and record the music video, in the name of racial equity.