10,000 March in Switzerland for George Floyd – Makes Sense

Thousands of people went marching in Zurich, Switzerland, because they want justice for George Floyd.


More than 10,000 people marched through Zurich on Saturday to demonstrate against racism, while a smaller leftist group apart from the main protest threw objects at police as the march was winding down.

Chanting “Black lives matter”, “No Justice, no peace”, and “Say his name: George Floyd”, the protesters, most clad entirely in black, snaked through the centre of Switzerland’s financial hub, joined by thousands more in other Swiss cities.

Even though Swiss gatherings of more than 300 people are banned to help curb the spread of the new coronovirus, police said they would tolerate the unauthorised assembly as long as it remained peaceful.

As the main march was dispersing, authorities clashed with a separate group of around 300 leftist agitators gathered in a square in the city centre who were throwing stones and bottles, police said.

Police used pepper spray and detained several people. One policeman was hurt.


Ten thousand.

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