10,000+ Icelandic People Perform Epic Viking War Chant

Info Stormer
July 7, 2016


Iceland is an example of how great a White nation can be that is not tainted by racial diversity.

Iceland is one of my favorite places anywhere in the world.  The nation’s population while only slightly above 300,000 is 99% White.  There is little if any crime, amazing scenery and a rich history.  It is a small example of how great our nations can be without all of this Jew promoted multiculturalism garbage.

Their football team recently out performed expectations in the Euro football tournament capturing a major victory over England.  It is considered one of the biggest upsets ever in the tournament’s history.

Even though they lost to France in the next round, they were welcomed back home as heroes.  Check out this video of 10,000+ Icelanders performing their epic viking war chant.  This is almost as great as the political rallies that Adolf Hitler held in Nuremberg.