1/6 Hoax: Thomas Massie Plays Baked Alaska Fed Video for Jew General

Congressman Thomas Massie played the video of Baked Alaska calling out a fed trying to instigate at the Capitol before January 6, showing it to the vicious Jew Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The video shows a very obvious cop the night before the rally saying “tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol.” Baked Alaska starts chanting “fed, fed, fed!”

I mean – this is all just so ridiculous. Everyone knows that these feds show up and do this stuff. Everyone knows that the entire right-wing is infiltrated with feds. We now know that the leaders of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers were both apparently acting as FBI informants on the day of the event.

Massie’s clip, which was put together by someone else and has been floating around for a while, also shows an obvious cop shouting while Trump was still speaking on January 6, saying as soon as Trump is done, we storm the Capitol.

I’m the one who originally said this was a fed job. I said it on the night of the event. But it was Revolver News who got the issue on Tucker Carlson, pointing to stuff I’d already pointed at, and also showing various court documents proving that people who were acting as informants or undercover agents were not being prosecuted.

The vicious Jew Garland refused to answer the question for Massie.

As Massie later tweeted (his Twitter is really good by the way, it’s old school and it’s harder to ban him because he’s a sitting Congressman) the accurate fact that if there had been no agents there, he would have said that.

Obviously there were agents there, and obviously they were primarily responsible for people entering the Capitol.

Unfortunately, a lot of good people got caught up in the frenzy – as was the purpose of this operation.

But the entire thing was a total hoax, set up by the FBI so they could call normal white people “terrorists.” This also led to the total implosion of Donald Trump, including his banning from Twitter.

Probably, Trump was bound to implode anyway, due to his support for deadly fake vaccines.