007 Confirmed as Black Woman Lashana Lynch in New James Bond Film

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2019

Blue-eyed, Nazi-blooded Daniel Craig is going to be humiliated as he leaves his role as 007, because destroying white people’s cherished fantasy characters is something the Jews enjoy doing.

Daily Mail:

Since Daniel Craig announced he was standing down as James Bond, debate has raged whether the next 007 should be a woman, or black.

Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she will be both – thanks to the intervention of feminist TV writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

In what’s been called a ‘popcorn-dropping moment’, British star Lashana Lynch, will be given Bond’s licence to kill in the 25th movie in the franchise, currently being shot in Italy and the UK.

However, traditionalists can relax: she’s not the new Bond, but a new character who takes over his secret agent number after he leaves MI6.

That is like saying “Spider-Man is now an albino Congolese, but relax because he’s not called Peter Parker.”

The story begins with Bond retired in Jamaica. But spymaster M – played by Ralph Fiennes – calls him back in desperation to tackle a new global crisis.

A movie insider said: ‘There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says ‘Come in 007’, and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman.

‘It’s a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman.

Bond, of course, is sexually attracted to the new female 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but is baffled when they don’t work on a brilliant, young black woman who basically rolls her eyes at him and has no interest in jumping into his bed. Well, certainly not at the beginning.

I mean, I don’t want to default to racism so I’ll give this black woman a chance; maybe she defies the laws of nature and she is indeed sexually attractive so let’s take a l—


You know her elbows and genital area also look like that, don’t you?

It’s no wonder Daniel Craig James Bond lusts after the black velvet.

(I wonder if they use makeup on her knees when filming…)

The source added that the phrase ‘Bond girls’ is now forbidden, saying: ‘We were all told that from now on they are to be addressed as ‘Bond women’.’

Why the binary-ism? Just call them Bond persons.

Waller-Bridge, who wrote the BBC comedy Fleabag and the female-led thriller Killing Eve, was recruited to ensure the 57-year-old franchise moved with the times. She said: ‘There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Bond is relevant now because of who he is and the way he treats women.

That’s what’s happening here. Stuff’s moving with the times.

Feminists have been saying that the future is female for a while now, but what they don’t tell you is that the future is not just female – it’s also black.

Birthrates and migratory trends confirm this.

Hollywood confirms this.

Screens confirm this.

It is being memed into reality by the Jews puppeteering our institutions, and the only way to fight it is with razor-sharp counter-memes to cut their strings.

‘I think that’s b******s. I think he’s absolutely relevant now. [The franchise] has just got to grow. It has just got to evolve, and the important thing is that the film treats the women properly. He doesn’t have to. He needs to be true to his character.’

“Grow” means becoming black and a woman, and saying goodbye to beloved white men.

Got it.

‘This is a Bond for the modern era who will appeal to a younger generation while sticking true to what we all expect in a Bond film,’ the source added. ‘There are spectacular chase sequences and fights, and Bond is still Bond but he’s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo.’

See? They are memeing it using their gargantuan media production machine.

Don’t worry though, because their memes are garbage. It takes a few people pointing out how ridiculous their memes are for the whole thing to crumble, which is why they want to shut down every form of pointing-out.

After the trailer is released, and for as long as the YouTube comments are open, people will express their thoughts on this.

As long as the internet is not totally shut down, voices of battle will echo an army.

The army will fight.