The thing I love is when women believe that the opposite of being a fat sow is to simply not eat and become skeletal. You don’t see this very often in America anymore, as women are punished by other women for not being fat.

I recently wrote a big thing about that.

In Russia, you still see the skeletal thing a lot. Always with those Botox lips.


Russian authorities are investigating after porn star Kristina Lisina, also known as Kris the Foxx, fell from a window on the 22nd floor of her apartment block in an apparent suicide. Her friends say she suffered from depression.

She was 23-years-old.

Her death, which happened in St. Petersburg, was announced online by her boyfriend, identified only as Rustam, who revealed that she passed away last week and asked for help with money for funeral arrangements.

Lisina was born in Minusinsk, a small town in Siberia, and was put up for adoption as a baby. Until the age of 18, she lived with a foster family. After finishing college in 2019, she moved to St. Petersburg, where she got a job in a bank. She left after just five days and opted to start working in the porn industry, eventually becoming successful in adult cinema.

According to her sister, Maria, who was also adopted, Lisina had decided to get out of porn, and shed already bought an apartment for 15 million rubles ($200,000). Speaking to St. Petersburg newspaper Fontanka, Maria said that her sister was planning to open a beauty salon instead.

Her boyfriend disputes the claim about Lisina owning her own apartment and said that he provided for her financially. Speaking to Russian magazine StarHit, he said that she had issues with her mental health.

I dont know what could have helped her. Perhaps a psychologist, he said. I asked her many times to go to one, but she never did. All the mental problems she has come from her childhood: Kristina is an orphan, her foster mother took her from the orphanage, then gave her back.

Hmmm, yeah, I wonder what possibly could have saved her?

Hm, hm, hm.

What a mystery?

Oh, I know – maybe Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for our sins????

Imagine being so deranged that when a porno slut kills herself, your explanation is she needed more psychologists. Might as well have said she needed more vaccines.

The other explanation is that she was actually just drunk and joking around, and thought she could use her lips to bounce off the ground and back up onto the balcony.

Seriously though: the real tragedy here is:

Maybe if you didn’t have such ugly buildings, people’s souls wouldn’t be so dark?

I have absolute zero sympathy for porn whores, who exploit men and feed a deranged addiction to get themselves rich.

If whores want to be whores, that is their choice, but they should be regular whores and be satisfied with the salary and lifestyle as a normal whore.

Producing pornography is supposed to be illegal in Russia, but the government refuses to hunt these whores down and punish them, and thus the country is continually humiliated as a global center of porno.

How embarrassing.

Vladimir Putin goes up on the world stage and tries to act cool and above it all, the reasonable man on a stage of unreasonable people, but everyone listens to his voice and their brain pulls up images of anorexic Botox-faced whores getting double-penetrated – because that is the number one place everyone in the world hears the Russian language.

Why is nothing being done to stop this? There is no attempt to even address it.

Do Russians just not understand how this looks?

Well, let me tell you: the Russian pornography industry existing in a country that is attempting to market itself as a center of traditional values looks about as bad as a highrise condo in Saint Petersburg.

Putin, please: now that this bitch is dead, say that the pornography industry is creating mental health problems, and start arresting these people!

It’s ridiculous!