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Just joking.

“No paid content, ever, no matter what” has always been a principle of the site, because the whole point is to get the message out, and paid content clearly conflicts with that. But you really, really should pay us, because otherwise you are effectively stealing. I pay everyone I read/consume, even people I hate.

However, though this is a meta article, it is not a “pay me” article. I am writing to discuss the tone of the site.

As a second meta issue,Β I could note that I would do a poll here, but I started thinking these free polling sites are kind of shady, and I know you’re not all using VPNs or Tor (despite my endless demands of you), so there won’t be any polls until I figure out if I can somehow run my own poll. We have polls on the forum, but only about 0.01% of the readership is on the forum. I hate most of those people, and don’t care what they think.

I was actually going to open the forum up for new registrations in January, then some people did something on 1/6, and now the FBI has a double-infinity budget to send people onto forums and try to convince them to commit acts of violence (yes, everyone calling for violence on the internet is a fed, if they weren’t they would get arrested). It is truly fantastic that I’m banned from everything because the tech oligarchs claim my “speech is violence,” while I can’t even run an open forum because people who work for the government will show up and start saying “it’s time for us to start doing something…”

Here is the third and primary meta issue of the day:

I’ve been trying to make the site more fun lately. So there will be hits and misses.

People accused me of being a Doomsday Prophet throughout 2020, when I said that there was no way Donald Trump could win if they allowed mail-in voting, and said that the Virus Regime was permanent. I was saying this when some people on the right were still shilling that the pandemic was real (that happened and you shouldn’t ever forget it). Even now, many on the right still seem to not really have a grasp on the plot. Tucker Carlson seems to be getting it, but then the other day he claimed that we should go to war with China because they sent us the deadly virus (I’ve said all week I was going to write a piece on that bizarre segment, by the way, and it is mostly written up already, hopefully to be published Sunday).

What happened was that I found myself in a situation where I was the only major voice on the English language internet telling the truth about the virus. I decided I needed to take a more serious tone, as it was an opportunity to appeal to a more broad audience (even while the audience is necessarily going to be very limited, as the only way to get to this site is to put the URL in your browser). That worked, and the audience expanded significantly, even while a lot of people probably stopped reading because it wasn’t as entertaining.

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When I announced that I was dialing back the shock humor, people accused me of having a secret plot to cuck-out, which we now know is false. Never have I stopped talking about the Zionist conspiracy (that isn’t about Jews but just about the ZIONISTS, and not even all Zionists are Jews).

(That was a joke, for all the autists in the audience – I still say “JEWS,” and I always will. None of the site’s content has changed, it is just presented differently.)

Also, I was right about everything, by the way. Just for anyone keeping score there. I think it is more meaningful that I was right about everything while putting a serious (while not exactly traditional) tone on most of the writing.

I don’t want to go full 2017 in terms of shock humor. There are a number of different reasons I don’t want to do that, not least of which is that as an artist, I don’t want to be “the shock humor guy” who keeps trying to shock people in new ways and then it just gets totally cringe. This has happened to several writers. I always point to comic book writer Garth Ennis, because he really was a promising artist who decided not to evolve, even though he had the talent. There was an Unknown Soldier miniseries he wrote that was legitimately very good (while still edgy), but then he came out with “The Boys” (the same The Boys as the current TV series, for those who don’t know) and I was just like “ugh, bro, you’re pushing 50 years old.”Β There are many cases of artists going down the shock road, feasting on hipness with a side of cool beans while the shock is in effect, and then becoming an embarrassment later on.

Then, there are people who evolve. One of my big inspirations is the cartoonist A. Wyatt Mann, who made his name in art with shock humor cartoons, and evolved into putting out brilliant political cartoons, while still maintaining a fair amount of edginess. You can very much see that the quality of the drawing itself evolved while the content became more cerebral. He still has a lot of fun, but the cartoons have consistently gotten more intelligent, and do not rely on shock as the core concept. Trey Parker’s South Park is another example of something that started out as pure shock and then moved into intelligent social commentary (though it is on a downward trend now, that seems to be due to the fact that he’s just bored). Many people don’t know that Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson began his career doing shock horror-comedy.

There is a third category, that of Jim Carrey, where he tried to evolve out of his bit (which wasn’t exactly shock humor, but physical comedy, which is something of a cousin to shock humor) by doing drama films, and then failed, then ended up going back to physical comedy, without any heart.

For me, the funniest part of the shock humor was that people were being scandalized by it. When it could be linked to on Twitter or Facebook, or show up on Google, someone could click an article and just be totally blown away, not being able to understand if it was serious or a joke (it was always both), having never seen anything like it before. Most long-term readers probably remember that experience with the site. Besides not being able get links in from anywhere, the mission of desensitizing people to my ideas, which was the goal of the shock humor, has been accomplished.

Some people have complained about the change in tone, but the fact is that once you learn the basic stuff we deal with on this site, you’re never going to unlearn it. I look at this as a matter of mathematics: I want as many people as possible to get ahold of the information, and learn the truth. After a person has learned the truth (it’s not really all that complicated), I don’t care if they stop reading the site. Obviously, I do my best to cultivate a long-term readership, not least because that’s who donates, but I will never sacrifice the core mission of flipping as many people as possible to our side for the sake of long-term readership. This site is very unique in that way. The Daily Stormer site was designed with a sole mission, and any time I’ve deviated from that mission – i.e., in supporting the “Alt-Right,” and promoting their IRL events – it’s hurt the mission. I am not going to sacrifice a chance to forward the mission by bringing in new readers because oldfags who already know the whole story aren’t having fun here anymore.

I believe I had fully tapped out the audience that was going to respond to shock humor, the shock humor was becoming less shocking, and the extreme censorship hampered the logistics. The goal was to use absurd shock humor as a gateway to getting people informed on what is going on with the reality situation. When people started saying “I don’t like this anymore because it isn’t as funny,” I said that I was never here to entertain them for any other purpose than to inform them, and I don’t want to be the guy who is just entertaining a group of people who already know all the basic facts and arguments. This has always been volunteer work, effectively, given that I could make much more money doing something else, and I’m not going to be a volunteer clown. I have a clear mission. Nothing will get in the way of that mission.

So, in the change of tone, my goal was to open up to a different audience that is capable of responding to this information, but didn’t respond to the shock humor. The other thing is, I view this site as a content farm for people who are not as censored as I am. That has all worked extremely well.

All of that having been said, I don’t really think there is enough fun going on in this place currently, and I now vow to do my best to change that. I would like to do a campaign to bring back Joe Isolated for Memetic Monday, but he swears he cannot. However, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve which I think can lead to make some slightly edgy additions, as well as use some absurdism and satire in such a way as will not offend the sensibilities of the newer audiences I’m trying to cultivate in the midst of the Great Pandemic Hoax Conspiracy.

I still want to write long facts and logic heavy pieces, but I am, as of a few weeks ago, trying to spice things up. Stormer Ebonics is a part of that, and people have responded very well to it, and I don’t think it is too shockish (that will soon be written by Jamal Jenkins, who is a real 54-year-old black man who got reformed when he got out of prison and is now trying to reach these kids). I’m also going to make a point to do some more absurd satire, using the standard New York Times or Associated Press format.

This remains the site’s number one most viewed article, likely having garnered close to a hundred million clicks over the years: “Breaking: FBI Uncovers Evidence That 62 Million Trump Voters are All Russian Agents.”

To be fair, there has remained a pretty fair amount of subtle humor throughout the Virus Era. But I think with everyone being down, it’s important to make a point to do the thing.

You may ask: “What is the point of announcing this? Why not just do it and let we, the readers, discover you’ve done it?”

The answer is partially that I like the idea of being transparent, even when it is an ethical imperative, and letting people know what I’m thinking and why I do what I do. Perhaps more importantly, making a commitment to do this publicly is a way to hold myself accountable. It is not difficult for me to slip into nonstop doom-mongering and demanding the audience repent to Jesus. But what I’ve ultimately realized is that those two things conflict with one another: if Christ shall deliver us, then we should not monger doom, but rather we should do as we’ve been instructed to do:

Know the truth, and carry joy in our hearts.

We cannot destroy our overlords. Only God can do this, and one day He will.

Until then, we can know the truth, we can speak the truth, and we can laugh at the folly of those who believe they can put themselves above God – for their destruction is inevitable.

There has never been a time when we’ve more needed to remember not to take things too seriously.